Q. I need a hinge or trim part but have no part number or other identifying mark - can you help?

A. Yes - you can email us a picture and we can usually identify the part. Often an ambulance body number is sufficient for us to identify the parts that were fitted originally.

Q. I need to order parts originating from several different OEM - such as seat covers, trims, stretcher hooks and light bar lens - Can you help?
A. Yes, we supply parts sourced from various different manufacturers

Q. We buy large quantities of certain items, can you provide us with imprested stock to be held at our workshops and invoiced as and when we use them?
A. Yes - we provide imprested stock for fast moving or critical items that would keep a vehicle off the road. Terms and conditions apply.

Q. Do the parts you supply meet the vehicle's original CEN specifications?
A. Yes - we source original parts from the original manufacturers.